4 Test Modes Optical rotation, specific rotation sugar degree and concentration
Light Source LED
Measurement Range +45° (Optical Rotation) + 120°Z (sugar)
Wavelength 589.3mm
Minimum Indicating Value 0.001 (opticall rotation)
Accuracy a) ± 0.01*(-15° <optical rotation<+15") b) ± 0.02° (optical rotation< -15° oroptical rotation> +15") Repeatability 0.002 (Optical rotation)
Display Color Touch Screen
Test Tube 200mm, 100mm
Sample Transmittance > 1%
Interface USB & RS232
Operation Voltage 220V + 22V, 50 Hz
Overall Dimensions 850mm x 500mm x 470mm
Weight (Gross) 38 kg
Software Yes


  • Touch Screen Colour Display
  • Temperature Display
  • Measurement of Dark-colored Sample
  • USB RS232
  • No warm-up time is required when instrument is switched on
  • Insulated sample chamber to keep sample temperature constant
  • Photodiode Detector