Block capacity 64 x 0,2 ml
Temp range 4°C -99°C
Max Heating rate < 2.5°C/s
Max cooling rate <2,5°C/s
Temperature display accuracy 0.1°C
Accuracy <±25°C/s
Temperature fluctuation <±01°C
Uniformity 95 °C h< ± 0.5 °C (20 seconds later)  20°C-72°C h<±0.3 °C (20 Seconds Later)
Max program unit 9
Max Cycle steps 9
Max Cycle No 99
Max Constant temperature 59m 59s
Stored program No 99h 59m
Stored program No 100
Dimensions 370mm (L) x 249mm (W) x 180mm (H)
Weight 5 kg


  • Adjustable pressure hot lid
  • Heat lid with pressure alarm device
  • Convenient and flexible module
  • Innovative module wire socket design achieves module replacement without wires
  • The unique left-right design for amplification area and operating area
  • Colored and wide screen displaying multiple details
  • Performs 20,000 times without breakdown

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