Robust construction and enhanced safety features qualify the cabinet for the most demanding laboratory Applications.
Double chamber with inner chamber and steam jacket made of stainless steel Jacket insulated by high grade glass wool to minimize the temperature loss. All sterilizer are hydraulically tested upto2.5/times Of working pressure. Joint less silicon gasket does not allow any leakage.

  • Digital Display of temperature and timer.
  • Inner chamber Made SS-304 Sheet.
  • Outer chamber made of M.S covered with SS- 304 Sheet.
  • Lide made of SS-304.
  • Redial locking system made of steel bars.


Operating Temperature & Pressure

  • Sterilization Temp.: 121°C.
  • Sterilization Pressure: 1.2 to 1.4 kg/cm (15-20psi).
  • Power Requirement: 220 volts AC-Signal Phase.

Distinguishing On Display Features

  • Single Panel Feather touch LED + LCD microprocessor PID Controller.
  • Simultaneous Show on display of Temperature, Date & Time, Low water, Operation time, Set Temperature and ambient.
  • Time Start automatically as soon as the set temperature is attained & stop the cycle automatically as soon the time is over.
  • The steam is to be released manually.


  • Stainless steel chamber material.
  • Unique anti-scale designed sterilization chamber to avoid corrosion.
  • Multi-layered protection system.
  • The high-grade spring-loaded safety valve of brass is duly chrome plated.
  • Vacuum breaker.
  • Automatic low water cut-off device.
  • Automatic sterilization according to the present time.
  • Overpressure protection system.
  • Over temperature protection system.
  • Leakage protection.

Documentation Parts

  • Factory testing certificate.
  • Gauge calibration certificate by manufactures.
  • Gauge calibration certificate by test houses traceable to NABL accredited Lab. (Optional).
  • Stainless steel test certificate.(Optional).
  • Digital temperature controller calibration certificate By manufactures.
  • Digital Controller calibration certificate by teat house NABL Accredited Lab. (Optional).
  • IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ Certificate.(Optional)
  • CE Marked certificate.
  • ISO.
  • Circuit Diagram.
  • Maintenance Manual.
  • Operational Manual.

Quality Assurance

Each unit is factory tested to meet international guidelines and dispatched in ready-to-plug-in condition. Quest Scientific testing services are available to assist you in routine maintenance and revalidation.