Model QST-0542
Measuring principle Visual, in terms of international colour scale units
Modes Transmittance, reflectance
Measurement range 0.1-79.9 Red 0.1-79.9 Yellow 0.1-49.9 Blue 0.1-3.9 Neutral
Minimum Reading 0.1
Resolution 0.1 color scale unit
viewing system Full adjustable
Light Source Incandescent lamp
Illuminat Approximates to daylight
Path Lenght Up to 180mm
The diffuse reflect activity of white plate >80%
The amplification 1.9x
The Dimension of colorimetric untensil 10 x 20 x 40mm 25.4 x 20 x 40mm 133.4 x 20 x 40mm
Power supply & Power Watts AC 220 V/50 Hz & 50W
Weight (Gross) 13kg
Overall dimension 620mm x 440mm x 300mm