Who We Are?

Quest Scientific Technologies has been leading the laboratories, Scientific, Hospital and researcher’s equipment’s manufactures with a highly talented production, sales, and service team. Our manufacturing factory in Delhi

Founded in 2016 and commenced manufacturing of lab equipment’s in 2018, Quest has now expanded its operation to various sub-segments   of the laboratories, hospital and scientific equipment’s as a grown manufacturing company.

Quest Scientific Technologies operates through a robust network of 8 branch offices (and growing) and various dealers and business associates spread across the country.

We are known for the quality of our technology, the exceptional standard of customer care, and our sustainability initiatives. We are an ISO,CE,IEC,US FDA and etc. compliance  certified company and are also listed in the GEM Portal of the Indian Government.

Quest provides manufacturing and design focused solutions in customer’s oriented solution of lab equipment’s/scientific instruments with hospital furnishers to customers across the India and nearby other country with repairing and AMC/CMC. Being the best for the best our product with our services of various segments of our clients. As an original equipment’s manufactures (OEM) as well as original design manufactures (ODM).   


Quest Scientific Technologies

All Quest instruments are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001/2015. Our goal is to be one stop supplier of a wide range of laboratory devices & instruments covering chemical, biological, environmental, forensic, food and clinical diagnostic applications. Our technical experts with dedicated R&D team ensure to offer the most effective and time saving solutions. Our products provide comfort, accuracy and convenience to conduct safe and efficient experiments during research. We are experienced in developing and providing customized products suitable for end user applications. We are partners with many prestigious companies and institutions throughout the world.


What We Provide

Smart Systems

We believe the value that our functions add to a business.

Video Intercoms

We believe the value that our functions add to a business.

Smart Systems

We believe the value that our functions add to a business.

Camcorders Kits

We believe the value that our functions add to a business.


Industry Explicit Competence

In 2014 only 3 countries host 50% of the globally installed bandwidth potential.

Mikdon S. Simbo -Head Of Idea
  • New Business Ideas create
  • Grow corporate financial
  • Smart Security System
  • 24/7 Online Support

Our Keys

Healthy relationship with clients/Customers in domestic and international markets.

Backward integration of the key segments and cost effective pricing strategy on the back of the global sourcing set up apart from our competitors.

Inspired By Our Vision

Driven By Our Mission

To be the most preferred & trusted manufacturing and service provider across India with other country nearby of India.

Customer first strengthen customer partnership by providing products and services of the greatest value through innovation and excellence. 

Respect For Individual

Creating Value For All Stakeholders

Emphasis an associated dignity, equality and individual growth

Through sustainable and transplant’s business practices.

Strengthened By Our Values

We are quest Scientific technologies strictly adhere to our values which are

Quality of customers trust                    Trust (Nurturing relationship)

Passion to innovation and excel the constant desire to come up with something bigger and better every time.  We are a one stop solution for all dynamic and transitional needs for our customers which also providing us with a unique competitive edge over competitors.