Dissolved Oxygen Meter – Mi190:

  • Mi190 can be used for any type of water, as it allows measurements to compensate for temperature, altitude and salinity factors.
  • The automatic logging interval can be set to perform analysis and store data into the memory.
  • Automatic calibration procedure, at 1 or 2 points (at 0 and 100% of O2 saturation).
  • The polarographic probe supplied with the meter (MA840/2) measures the current generated by the reaction of 02 with Ag.
  • All logged data can be downloaded to PC through an RS232 or USB serial port.
  • Memory can store up to 50 samples.
  • Ideal for testing Dissolved Oxygen in the pharmaceutical and food Industry, as well as monitoring in water treatment plants.
  • The user can choose to measure D.O. readings in mg/L or % of saturation of 02.