Parameter Computer controlled, High performance, optically double beam Atomic Absorption Spectrometer having following specifications.
Optics Real time Double beam with Deuterium background
Monochromator CZ design with 330 mm focall length, 1800 line/mm grating and 185-930 nm wavelength range. Automatic emission wavelength selection and peaking. Continuously variable slits with 0.2 to 2 nm spectral bandwidth. Automatic wavelength scanning. Selected wide rang
Detector High performance multi-alkali Photo multiplier tube R928
Motorized Lamp Turret Eight lamp motorized turret with automatic lamp selection and individual lamp peaking automatically warmed up. Compatible with standard & coded hollow cathode lamps
Background Correction Deuterium arc Radiation ULTRA FAST-PULSE 1024 Hz background corrector Wave length correction range 185-425 nm. Corrects to 2.5 total absorbance.
Automatic Flame Control Unit Programmable gas controller with digital display of flow, Full safety interlock including built in pressure regulator on both lines, power failure protection, auto shut down of flame, burner drain, door interlock and electronic flame igniter & real time status sensing, fitted bung and pressure relief bung
Nebulizer Fully inert nebulizer
Spray Chamber PTFE spray chamber and adjustable impact bead aerosol
Burner Titanium burners for C, H, -N₂O & C₂H₂- AIR
Sensitivity Greater than 0.7 abs for 5 mg/L coppersolution with an RSD of less than 0.5% Characteristics concentration of copper 0.030 ug/ml
Output Port USB/Wi-Fi/ BLUETOOTH connectivity for PC
Software Windows 10 based user friendly software
Dimension 100 x 55 x 58 cm (LxHxW) cm
Weight 65 kg. Unpacked
Electrical Requirements 220/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 800 VA
Hollow Cathode Lamps 67 Element high intensity Single Element available.


  • Highly Stable and Accurate: Provides precise measurements.
  • True Double Beam Optics: Utilizes dual-beam technology for accurate results.
  • 8 Lamp Turret: Allows for multiple lamp options.
  • Range: 185-900 nm.
  • 1800 Lines Grating (USA): High-resolution grating for spectral analysis.
  • Variable Bandwidth: 0.1 to 2 nm.
  • User-Friendly Software: Intuitive interface for ease of use.


  • Software CD
  • USB Cable
  • Manual
  • Dust Cover
  • Cathode Lamps (Optional)
  • Acetylene Cylinder (Optional)
  • Nitrous Oxide Cylinder (Optional)
  • Regulators (Optional)
  • Moisture Filter (Optional)
  • Compressor (Optional)

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